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January 2019 // A Collection of Captured Stories // Jacklyn Byrd Photography

This year I have decided to be more intentional with taking photos. When I first start college at SIU, my first love was documentary photography. I have ignored this passion and haven't taken the time to pursue it. This isn't a 365 project. I am making an effort to get creative and capture what really matters to me. Real moments, light, abstract, whatever my eye sees I will try to capture it. I have been leaving my camera out all day and taking it along for rides in the car. I have always been attract to the idea of keep a moment from slipping away so I better grab it before it's gone. I am really excited about this project. I hope to share each month here on the blog. Thanks for reading! I am not a writer so I hope these photos can tell the story.

Jacklyn Byrd Photography is located in Peoria, Illinois specializing in Wedding & Family photos.

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