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Amy Davis // Pinhole Photographer // Illinois Artist // Documentary Project

I have been following Amy's work for the past year and have enjoyed her documentary pinhole images. Her images turn a small town of Chillicothe, Illinois into a magical dream like dimension. Amy uses only film and develops all on her own which is rare in the age of instant gratification and the digital cameras. For the past 2 years, Amy has been documenting the things she loves about Chillicothe. From Buildings, the people, to the river. Each image tells a story. One day I was driving along the river in Chillicothe, when an idea struck me to ask Amy if I could document her documenting the river. I envisioned placing her in these landscapes she has been capturing. We met on a chilly Saturday afternoon with the ice melting at the bank of the Illinois River. I loved watching Amy get excited as she would find a place to put her camera. Amy's work is a huge inspiration to me and I wanted to share her story.

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Jacklyn Byrd Photography is located in Peoria, Illinois specializing in documentary wedding photography & lifestyle family sessions.

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